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Set up your conference room TV in minutes. Pluot TV is everything you need for videoconferencing & wireless presentations on your TV, in one easy package.
Better Video Conferencing.

Tested, vetted equipment

Better Video Calls on Your TV

Better Video Calls on Your TV

Hardware designed for your TV with features like 2 TV support, always-on, screen sharing on a big screen and more.

See Your Entire Team

See Your Entire Team

No more crowding around a computer cam. See everybody in the room with clear HD quality video and 90-degree field of view.

Better Audio Quality

Better Audio Quality

An external mic with built-in noise-cancelling speaker and omni-directional microphone. 17-foot cables help to cover your entire room.

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Everything You Need in One Box

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The only 1-click combined solution

Pluot TV calls aren't just in your conference room, or with other Pluot customers. You can send a Pluot link to anyone. You join on your TV. Anyone else just clicks in Chrome or dials in, to join from wherever they are in the world.
1-click meetings
1-click meetings
No logins, downloads or plugins
Screen sharing
Screen sharing
2-simultaneous screen shares
Slack integration
Slack integration
NEW! Unlimited free minutes
Google Calendar integration
Google Calendar integration
NEW! Instant links in your invites
1- or 2-TV support
1- or 2-TV support
Plug in up to 2-TVs
Wireless presentations
Wireless presentations
Share from your laptop to the conference room TV. No cables!
Phone/Computer Control
Phone/Computer Control
Control your Pluot TV with your phone/computer. No remotes.
WiFi support
Up to 50 people
The only 1-click video calling with up to 50 people

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Dedicated hardware built for SMBs, remotes & distributed teams

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The only pay-as-you-go solution
1-click Cancel Anytime
 Cancel Anytime
If you're not happy, no problem. We don't lock you into an annual contract.
Free Shipping & Returns
Free Shipping & Returns
Shipments within the US are free. Contact us about international rates.
Enthusiastic Help
Enthusiastic Help
You're important to us. Our support is fast, friendly and free.

A Pluot plan for everyone

Pluot Free

Free for everyone

Unlimited meetings with Chrome
No logins, No downloads
Free forever
Invite up to 6 people
2-simultaneous screens shares
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Everything from Pluot, plus:
Hardware package
Pluot box
HD camera
Microphone & Speaker
TV Support
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We're always adding new features.
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What our customers are saying

Gabe Greenberg
CEO & Founder, G2i
I really don’t know what I’d do without Pluot! I use it daily for client meetings and standup with our developers.
Ti Zhao
Co-Founder & CEO, KIP Health
Pluot’s awesome. I get a meeting link in seconds, and don’t have to explain how to join.
Chris Ordal
Founder & CEO, Jogg
Pluot eliminated the first 5-10 minutes we used to waste on tech support. We love Pluot!
Steve Nathan
Cofounder & CEO, PayrollHQ
Had my first remote sales meeting using @pluotco (via my cell no less). It worked like a dream.
Jill Salzman
Just used @pluotco for a quick #video meeting.  SO EASY
Itamar Weisbroad
Co-Founder, Deeplink
@pluotco works great!
Daniel Ahmadizdeh
Co-Founder and CEO, Riley
@pluotco has replaced all our video calls. LOVE it.